Tecolote History

"Tecolote is truly an institution in Montecito.  It's where everyone buys their books.  And where people gather to browse, run into their friends, chat with strangers and make new friends."  Read more at: Beverley Jackson.com



Arising from the rubble of the disastrous 1925 earthquake in Santa Barbara, Tecolote Book Shop has continued to serve the book buying community for five generations.  

Over the years the square footage has changed as well as the location.  The present store is situated in the Upper Village of Montecito
just five minutes away from the first location
in the historic de la Guerra adobe. 

The origin of the name Tecolote is from
the Aztec language of 'Náhuatl' and is
translated at Owl.  The modern West
generally associates Owls with books and wisdom arising from the association with
Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.  

Tecolote takes pride in connecting the book lover with the prefect volume to read or gift. Tecolote’s staff is knowledgeable, efficient, professional and friendly.